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The Freshest, Most Flavorful, High-Polyphenol Artisanal Olive Oil You’ll Ever Taste

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Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil

You’re Invited to Join a Tiny Handful of Americans Who Enjoy Rare, Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil All Year Long.

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The Problem with Supermarket Olive Oils

The Problems with Supermarket Olive Oils

  • Supermarket oils can sit on shelves for many months, growing stale, musty, even rancid.
  • To true olive oil lovers, this lack of freshness is unacceptable. The olive, after all, is a fruit. And just as with other fruit juices, such as orange juice, olive oil offers you its peak of flavor and nutrition when fresh-pressed.
  • As consumers, we insist on fresh milk, fresh eggs, fresh fish, fresh meat, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and more. Don’t we deserve fresh olive oil? Of course we do! But stores prioritize long-term shelf life over freshness and do not offer fresh-pressed olive oils.

How do fresh-pressed olive oils compare with supermarket oils?

Read what our Club members say…

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Our Club's Solution

Our Club’s Solution: Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil

  • Every oil is rushed to your door straight from award-winning artisanal farms at the peak of harvest-fresh flavor. We are your secure, “single link” supply chain to the world’s finest olive oils—no distributors or supermarkets between you and the farm.
  • Every oil is secured for you via an exclusive arrangement with one of the world’s top gold-medal-winning artisanal farms. Available nowhere else in America.
  • Every oil is independently lab-certified to be 100 percent extra virgin olive oil. This means you’ll never again have to worry about unwittingly consuming-or feeding your family-cheap, mediocre, or even fake olive oils so prevalent in stores across America.

A Magical Night for an Olive Oil Virgin…

The Unique Story behind the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

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Club Benefits

Club Benefits

  • As a member, you’ll enjoy fresh-pressed artisanal olive oils direct from harvests around the world four times a year. You’ll never again settle for mediocre or stale supermarket olive oils.
  • Every shipment of fresh-pressed olive oil is accompanied by our “Pressing Report,” describing the producer, olive varieties, regions, and harvest, as well as tasting notes for each oil, a game plan for an olive-oil tasting party, and suggestions for ways to enjoy each of the oils.
  • Every oil comes with a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. And you never have to return any oil to claim your full money-back guarantee.
  • You may cancel your membership at any time. We are a totally customer-friendly Club for artisanal olive oil lovers.

How the Club Works

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TJ Robinson, The Olive Oil Hunter

Meet T.J. Robinson, the Olive Oil Hunter® and Founder of the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club

T.J. Robinson is one of the world’s most respected authorities on all matters olive oil.

Known for his “platinum palate,” he is one of the few Americans invited to serve as a judge in prestigious Italian olive oil tasting competitions.

He is dedicated to importing rare fresh-pressed olive oil, the most flavorful and most healthful extra virgin olive oil on the planet, until now virtually impossible to obtain year-round in the US. All his oils are independently lab tested and certified for 100% purity.

Enrich Your Life

How These Oils Will Enrich Your Life

  • If you’re a foodie or cook, discovering fresh-pressed olive oil will be one of your life’s most memorable tasting experiences.
  • Break the seal on the bottle, and herbaceous, grassy aromas tempt your nose, like a garden in a bottle. Taste it, and it’s as complex as fine wine. Layers of flavor, waves of texture dance on your tongue. Suddenly your entire palate knows what green tastes like!
  • If you’ve ever sunk your teeth into warm bread with butter melting into it and thought it was heaven, just wait until you anoint warm, crusty bread, or a thick juicy steak, or a dish of your favorite veggies with fresh-pressed olive oil!

Your No-Risk Invitation…

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World's Most Healthful Foods

One of the World’s Most Healthful Foods

  • Research at the Mayo Clinic has shown that extra virgin olive oil lowers “bad” cholesterol and helps cut the risk of heart disease. It may help protect you against cancer, especially cancer of the breast, prostate, and colon. It can reduce inflammation and ease joint pain without side effects.
  • Extra virgin olive oil has also been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes and osteoporosis, and may even reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is also loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols, which help regulate your immune system and aid it in protecting your body against disease.

The Secret of Greek Longevity?

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